Milling Supervisor


Batu Kawan, MY

Employment Type:  Permanent

As a Supervisor - Milling, you will be responsible for optimizing and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our organization's business processes. You will work closely with various departments, stakeholders, and teams to identify areas for improvement, design and implement streamlined processes, and monitor their performance to ensure they align with our business objectives. The role requires a keen understanding of business operations, analytical thinking, and strong leadership skills to drive process changes successfully.



Principal Accountabilities :


Your responsibilities include, but not limited to:  

  • Leading and supervising milling machining section, monitoring daily activities, safety & disciplines of subordinates. 

  • Ensure the timely delivery of all products in required quality and at reasonable cost level. 

  • Ensure the continuous improvement in process and 5S at work environment to increase the productivity and maintain safety. 

  • Ensure adequate training and qualification of employee in milling section. 

  • Ensure proper maintenance/TPM on machines, tools and fixtures according to schedule; including control properties of cutting fluids (ph value, concentration, etc.) 

  • Ensure proper setup and use of machine, tools, fixture and raw materials with correct program and parameters. 

  • Ensure accurate information in production supporting system (i.e. Inventory, cost, quality, delivery lead time) with accurate data entry and timely transactions. 

  • Ensure proper maintenance of procedure and perform task according to documentation. 

  • Ensure timely recording and accurate reporting of production status especially departmental KPI. 

  • Ensure adequate resources for smooth production such as manpower, raw material, fixture, tooling, CNC program, gauges as well as machine availability. 

  • Support daily task that given by superior from time to time. 



Minimum Qualification :


  • 8 years of machining experience in CNC milling (prefer horizontal milling). 
  • 5 years of supervisory experience in similar production environment. 

  • Experienced with tool management such as tool life monitoring, tool presetting (heat shrink assembly, measuring and balancing), tooling inventory/stock control. 

  • Experienced in using measuring equipment, e.g. Gauges, profile projector, CMM, etc. 

  • Possess advance level GD & T knowledge & able to interpret part drawing requirements. 

  • Employee leadership. 

  • Microsoft office.



Preferred Qualification :


  • PSDC level 3 preferred. 

  • JMTI level 3 preferred



VAT is an equal opportunity employer. We see ourselves as a responsible and far-sighted employer that offers not only jobs, but also career and personal development opportunities through various training programs. We recognize the value of employee diversity and provide equal employment opportunity for all qualified application that contributes to innovation, improves customer orientation and employee satisfaction. One-step in this direction is to ensure that people are recognized and fairly compensated for their contributions to the company. In 2021, VAT received the Fair-ON-Pay+ certificate as an acknowledgement for our commitment in ensuring equal pay for equal work between men and women.